January 8, 2009


2nd semester started :(. I can't believe the break is already over, I feel like I wasted it working... Oh well, another 4.5 months & then I'm FREE for the summer :D. This semester I'm starting managerial accounting (ugh) and marketing, which should be somewhat interesting. And I still have German, Economics and Statistics, fun right?

I'm watching The First 48... It's probably the 9398th episode I've watched in the last 3 weeks. I love this show! Like CSI but everything is real, which gives you chills when you watch it.

I'll probably watch another episode of this & then hopefully go to bed. I have German tomorrow at 10, & then tutorials & then work! It'll be a busy day...



Morena said...

im jealous of your header, but way too lazy to make one :/

TARA said...

If you search "how to make blog headers" there's some good sites :). I think I spent like an hour on mine (so sad considering 93983 people could have made it in like 2 seconds hahaha)