November 20, 2008

Snow :(

So it finally happened. It snowed & it stuck to the ground. So sad, but I guess I'll have to retire my nice new grey Uggs until the sidewalks are clear again. Luckily I have my black Uggs from last winter that I can trudge around in without worrying what they look like :).

Putting up Tokio Hotel posters last winter, which led to winning a meet & greet with the band =)

And you can see my black Uggs before the snow turned them white!


I just bought 4 tickets for Twilight tomorrow night! The plan is to go to a mexican restaurant after work with some friends & then see the movie :). I'm so excited, even though I know the movie will probably not measure up to the book. It might be good, like Harry Potter, but I guess we'll see tomorrow, right? :P

Please be good!

November 11, 2008


Why are my tags & timestamp not showing?!?!? aghhhhh

It works now =P


I just finished my online accounting quiz and didn't do so well :/. At least I did it (unlike last week when I forgot :(). Capitalization of interest & construction costs will be the death of me, I swear.

& now to relax: Hey Jim! (just fastforward 45 seconds for the song)

I love this song & have been listening to it constantly for a few weeks now. I love T.I. (especially his song What You Know), & after seeing his interview on the Tyra Show, I <3 him even more. Seems like an intelligent & genuinely nice person :)

November 10, 2008


I woke up on time this morning (amazing ha), had an hour of class & then came home. Not bad for a Monday :P. I got ahead a little bit in my German class, so I have a bit of weight off of my back. However I'm still behind in pretty much all of my other classes :(. I feel no motivation to do schoolwork after the sun sets, weird huh? If only I could control the sun :P

I received 4 Tokio Hotel pictures in the mail today! I won them from Tokio Hotel US . Two of them are of Bill & two of them are from Tom. Here's one:

This is the outfit he wore when I met him... I touched this jacket!!! =D

Tomorrow I don't have school until 12, where I have a 2 hour lecture, & then I'm off to work. Sounds like fun, huh? hahaha


November 9, 2008

Today's outfit

This is what I looked like today:

Jacket: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Bag: Harajuku Lovers
Jeans: Guess
Shoes: LAMB


Today was very relaxing. Well, not counting the fact that one of my neighbours woke me up at 8:40 am on SUNDAY with hammering. Seriously, wtf?

We made it to Sunset Villa only 10 minutes late, had a great lunch & visited my grandma.

Autumn leaves

Walking to a playground at SV

When I came home, I watched 28 Weeks Later. Really good! I loved the first one, & the second one was different, but still great =). Then I watched last week's ANTM with my mom. Why didn't Marjorie go home??? If designers don't want to book her, then what can she do as a model? Elina (is that how you spell it? lol) on the other hand has an amazing face & confidence, which will make her far more successful in the modelling industry. Oh well, the judges know best... right?

I have German homework to do but I'll put up today's outfit in a bit...

November 8, 2008

Preparing for winter

I really need to buy a new winter jacket this year. My old Guess one has definitely seen better days. I'm thinking of getting a Canada Goose Expediiton Parka in black, because I've heard so many great things about CG jackets. The only thing is the price (~$600). But if it lasts for a few years & keeps me warm in Toronto winter (like when it was minus 20 the night of the TH concert), it's worth it, right?
Me & mom watched Project Runway instead. I can't believe Blaine & Joe are gone! & Kenley is getting really annoying. Even though I already know who won, it's fun to watch PR with my mom on the weekend =)


Back from another long day at work. I actually made it there on time! 30 min early, but Daniela & I passed the time by going to Starbucks & getting lattes. Great way to start the day :) Christine also came in & visited. It was awesome to see her!

Tonight I'm chilling at home with my mom (who's back now). We're probably going to watch Sex and the City, since she got it for her birthday.

Tomorrow I have to wake up pretty early again, because we're going to Sunset Villa, a little Danish community about 45 min away from Toronto. It's beautiful there & we usually get to go about 5 times a year. We visit my grandma there as well, because she's in the Mindepark (Memory Garden). Hopefully the weather tomorrow will be better than it was today (raining & SO windy).

Beautiful in summer

Blog Header

I finally finished my blog header! & I made it all by myself (a miracle :P)

I'm so tired I have to go to bed. Tomorrow I have to get up really early to take a bus to work, since mom is still in Victoria :(. Weekends should be for sleeping in!!!

Bonne nuit

November 6, 2008


I only missed 40 minutes of the EMAs and Tokio Hotel won Headliner!!!

The winner of Best Act Ever is up next... we'll see what happens *fingers crossed*


So Rick Astley won :(. Supposedly his fans cheated so it's not really a surprise

I thought TH would be performing, but the show is almost over, so I guess not?

Off to school

When does one of my neighbours decide to demolish their condo? The day before my Stats test of course! I've been trying to study for the past 2 hours, but it's been really tough because I can barely hear myself think! Hopefully it'll be done by the time I get home so I can actually get some work done.

The EMA's start at 3 pm TODAY! I also get out of class at 3, so I'll probably miss the first hour or so :(. Hopefully Tokio Hotel will win in the categories they're nominated for, & HOPEFULLY they'll perform as well =D

TH performing at last year's EMAs

OK, I have to run to the bus so I won't be late!


Time to party??? Yeah right...

Mom left for the airport this morning at 5:30 (!!!) am. So house party at my house right??? WRONG :( I'll be studying all day for my Statistics test tomorrow. Sad, I know :P

So now I'm going to study for a bit, go to my 2 hour Organizational Behaviour class & then come home & study some more. AND I have to try to not be distracted by this guy:

My cute little Tuxedo ("little" meaning 95 lbs)

If I could go back...

I've been looking through my Tokio Hotel concert pics from February 10, 2008 & I feel so nostalgic :(. It was amazing being able to see them live after following their success in Europe for so long :)

Meeting the band

Love the pose!

I'll probably add more TH concert pictures tomorrow ;)

I miss summer!!!

I wish I could wear these now....

November 5, 2008

Post #1

After seeing Emma's fab blog, I had to make one myself.

Hopefully this one won't look as ugly as my other one at hahahaha

Must make fun of tow
(but you know I really <3 him>

Thx for the awesome pic Emmaelle (HAHAHA) we need more tow lolz