December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008 - Part 2

Ok, let's finish this up :P

While my mom was on a business trip, my sister & I went to Wolfstook downtown. I love this type of dog, but can never remember the name of the breed!

On Canada Day I went fishing with my mom & some people she knows through work. I caught the biggest fish that day!

After work I went to the park

I went to Montreal. This is me & my sister taking pics from the bed at the Omni Montroyal

At the end of August, I took a vacation with my family to the east coast of the States. We flew to Baltimore, then drove to Annapolis. There we stayed at The Westin for a couple of days. Really nice hotel, plus the manager was a friend of a friend hehe ;)

After Annapolis we drove to Ocean City & spent 5 days there. We went to a seafood buffet & found THAT.

We went to the beach and admired the sights =)

It was so hot & we all burned!

Perfect :)

We went parasailing over the bay (it was AWESOME), & then we went jetskiing (sadly no pictures) & I tipped it over 3 times lmao

Us 3 in the air

Then we drove back to Baltimore & stayed in a nice suite at The Hampton Inn across from Camden Yards

Me in front of the stadium where the Orioles play

View from outside

We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore (like we did in NYC & the 2 in Toronto & in Montreal haha)

While my mom was working, my sister & I visited the Baltimore Aquarium. We saw an 4D Movie (so cool!) & a dolphin show

The view from the plane on the ride home. It was so cloudy that day!

Me back in German class on the first day of 2nd year university :)

Overall, the past year has been amazing :D. To be able to meet Tokio Hotel & see them 4 times was awesome, after having liked them for so long & doing school projects on them HAHAHA. I met tons of new friends & also lost some close ones without any explanation, but that just made me stronger & made me realize I'm not dependant on a select few people for happiness :D. It was for the better anyway, because I really didn't like hanging out with them anymore.

So what awaits me in 2009??? Maybe some more Tokio Hotel trips? A trip to Europe? A new job? New friends? We'll see ;)

Goodbye 2008 - Part 1

This past year has been crazy!!! I managed to get into my program at uni, met the band I've loved since 2006 and saw them 4 times, and I travelled a lot :D. Here's my year in pictures:

I entered a Tokio Hotel meet & greet contest & won =D

On February 10th, I got to meet with Tokio Hotel, who I've loved since 2006. It was a great experience & I made the band laugh hehe =)

I got something close to a smile from Gustav after I laughed at his joke hahaha

I was SO close!!! In the very middle of the very front. I was the first person to stand in front of the stage. So amazing :D, especially my funny moment with Tom hahahahaha

The next day, I saw Tokio Hotel on Much On Demand at Much Music. We didn't wait in the cold, so we got seats at the back.

Then during reading week I took a trip to New York City!!!

I got ready for the concerts in the Omni Berkshire hotel

We had a sweet ride waiting outside the lobby for us =P
On February 18th I saw Tokio Hotel at the Fillmore. We were at the back, dancing and singing like crazy after having some Grey Goose, but my sis took pictures (Bill was FIERCE hahaha)
The next day (Feb 19th) we waited in line for 6 hours. We ended up in the 2nd row but I couldn't see ANYTHING because of the crazy girls around me. Tobi helped me out after 3 songs & gave me some water. I got a pic of Jost though :)
Tuxy kept me company during the long nights of studying <3When we came back to Toronto I saw Matchbox Twenty with my mom & sister

On May 16th I saw Tokio Hotel again, this time at the Sound Academy. I was at the back again, but managed to get this one shot of Tom

And after the concert I ran into Tahne from Holland, who I met at the February 10th show!!! Crazy because I didn't know she came for this one!!!

That summer I went to a lot of parties. I loved my gladiators <3

On May 26th I turned 19!!! Finally legal!I completed the requirements to enter the 2nd year of my program at school :)

Part 2 coming soon!

Back from the movies

Yes Man! was good! There were some really funny parts (especially the part with the tape haha) and a really cool way of thinking =P. It was also fun to catch up a bit with my friend, who goes to school in Montreal. Apparently they have huge crazy biting spiders there?!

My sister & mom are making some Indian chicken thing for dinner :/. They just preheated the oven for my pizza hahaha

Now I'm in my pyjamas & I think I'm going to watch a movie... or play a game. A nice RELAXING new year's eve this year (unlike last year which included holding a python, getting stuck on a subway with a puking guy & slipping 983938 times on the ice).

Happy New Years!!!


I just jumped out of the shower & am getting ready to head back out. I'm seeing Yes Man with a friend from highschool at the theatre above where I worked this morning (haha). I'll post about the movie if I make it back unfrozen (it's -9 right now!!)

December 29, 2008


Last night I started playing Call of Duty 4 in solo mode - so fun!!! The beginning video is like a movie & the graphics are awesome. The only way I'm surviving the game is by playing in Recruit mode though haha. Playing online & killing real players is definitely the best part of the game =D (especially when you sneak up behind them hahaha)
Tonight my sister & I are going to start playing Army of Two, which is supposed to be really good. But this picture makes it look so lame...
We'll see how it goes ;)

December 28, 2008

Old times

I've been searching through some Limp Bizkit videos on youtube =D. Reminds me of grade 7 when I was starting to get into Metal hahahaha


(I tried embedding it, but the part I copy keeps getting cut off when I paste it)

& I pic of me now, before I hop into the shower :D

Hahaha, Georg from TH peeking over my shoulder!

Merry Christmas!!!

This post is a bit late :P, but I've been so busy over the past few weeks. School ended Dec 5th, & I had my last exam on Dec 17 :). Still waiting for the results though :S. & then after that was over with, Christmas preparations began! Shopping, cleaning, decorating, present wrapping... So fun (except the cleaning) but tiring!

I worked from 8 to 1 on Christmas Eve day, & then went home & spent the evening with my family, watching Seredipity, one of my mom's favourite movies. The only Christmas part is in the very beginning, but it was fun to watch it anyway haha

Then on the 25th I woke up at 5 am & couldn't fall asleep again! At 6, my sister & I woke up my mom with coffee & we all started opening our gifts. Here are a few things I got:

Fun games to play! I also got Call of Duty 4 for PS3 from my uncle :)

Smashbox 6 piece kit, L'Oreal mascara, & Harajuku Lovers "G" perfume from my mom

3 kinds of bubblebath & a pink iPod nano from my sister!!! (my original iPod mini is dying :()

Beautiful water from my uncle & mom (<3 the bottles!)

Marc By Marc Jacobs wallet from Saks Fifth Avenue & tickets to see Nickleback & SEETHER in March from my mom!

Inside the wallet: a NYC metro card & $5 American haha

Thank you for everything!!!

The best part of that morning was watching my mom, sister & dog open their presents :). After we were done (2 hours later haha), I made breakfast. Then my family came over & we had a great dinner, & after that, I spent an hour and a half doing dishes! hahaha
I hope everyone else's holidays were as nice as mine ;)

December 11, 2008


I'm here waiting for UPS to deliver our HDTV box. So boring! Yesterday they were here at 1 and now it's almost 3... What's taking so long!

After they finally come I'll go to the Sony store to get an HDMI cable & maybe some x-mas presents ;)

December 10, 2008


I totally forgot about the blog! hahaha I've been so busy finishing term projects & doing end-of-term tests and now exams & final papers :S. In one week everything will be complete and I can *hopefully* relax until school starts again in January. I had my 3 hour accounting exam this morning (9-12) and I think I did okay... I at least had the chance to fill in answers for every question, unlike the midterm where I left like 20% of the exam blank :/. So now I have to write an economics paper for Monday & then I have my Organizational Behaviour final exam on Wednesday, in a week. The rest of today will be lazy haha. A little break from reading my accounting textbook without breaks for the past 2 days.

I'm going to play a game on the laptop for a while now to pass the time until my sister gets home so we can play Little Big Planet on PS3. My mom always buys the fun stuff when I'm supposed to be studying :P

And where is Emma??? Mah blogbuddy has disappeared, maybe into mexico or maybe she's still stuck in texas hahaha

The cutest game I've ever played <3>


November 20, 2008

Snow :(

So it finally happened. It snowed & it stuck to the ground. So sad, but I guess I'll have to retire my nice new grey Uggs until the sidewalks are clear again. Luckily I have my black Uggs from last winter that I can trudge around in without worrying what they look like :).

Putting up Tokio Hotel posters last winter, which led to winning a meet & greet with the band =)

And you can see my black Uggs before the snow turned them white!


I just bought 4 tickets for Twilight tomorrow night! The plan is to go to a mexican restaurant after work with some friends & then see the movie :). I'm so excited, even though I know the movie will probably not measure up to the book. It might be good, like Harry Potter, but I guess we'll see tomorrow, right? :P

Please be good!

November 11, 2008


Why are my tags & timestamp not showing?!?!? aghhhhh

It works now =P


I just finished my online accounting quiz and didn't do so well :/. At least I did it (unlike last week when I forgot :(). Capitalization of interest & construction costs will be the death of me, I swear.

& now to relax: Hey Jim! (just fastforward 45 seconds for the song)

I love this song & have been listening to it constantly for a few weeks now. I love T.I. (especially his song What You Know), & after seeing his interview on the Tyra Show, I <3 him even more. Seems like an intelligent & genuinely nice person :)

November 10, 2008


I woke up on time this morning (amazing ha), had an hour of class & then came home. Not bad for a Monday :P. I got ahead a little bit in my German class, so I have a bit of weight off of my back. However I'm still behind in pretty much all of my other classes :(. I feel no motivation to do schoolwork after the sun sets, weird huh? If only I could control the sun :P

I received 4 Tokio Hotel pictures in the mail today! I won them from Tokio Hotel US . Two of them are of Bill & two of them are from Tom. Here's one:

This is the outfit he wore when I met him... I touched this jacket!!! =D

Tomorrow I don't have school until 12, where I have a 2 hour lecture, & then I'm off to work. Sounds like fun, huh? hahaha


November 9, 2008

Today's outfit

This is what I looked like today:

Jacket: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Bag: Harajuku Lovers
Jeans: Guess
Shoes: LAMB