November 10, 2008


I woke up on time this morning (amazing ha), had an hour of class & then came home. Not bad for a Monday :P. I got ahead a little bit in my German class, so I have a bit of weight off of my back. However I'm still behind in pretty much all of my other classes :(. I feel no motivation to do schoolwork after the sun sets, weird huh? If only I could control the sun :P

I received 4 Tokio Hotel pictures in the mail today! I won them from Tokio Hotel US . Two of them are of Bill & two of them are from Tom. Here's one:

This is the outfit he wore when I met him... I touched this jacket!!! =D

Tomorrow I don't have school until 12, where I have a 2 hour lecture, & then I'm off to work. Sounds like fun, huh? hahaha


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Emmanuelle said...

TOW <3