November 8, 2008


Back from another long day at work. I actually made it there on time! 30 min early, but Daniela & I passed the time by going to Starbucks & getting lattes. Great way to start the day :) Christine also came in & visited. It was awesome to see her!

Tonight I'm chilling at home with my mom (who's back now). We're probably going to watch Sex and the City, since she got it for her birthday.

Tomorrow I have to wake up pretty early again, because we're going to Sunset Villa, a little Danish community about 45 min away from Toronto. It's beautiful there & we usually get to go about 5 times a year. We visit my grandma there as well, because she's in the Mindepark (Memory Garden). Hopefully the weather tomorrow will be better than it was today (raining & SO windy).

Beautiful in summer

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