November 9, 2008


Today was very relaxing. Well, not counting the fact that one of my neighbours woke me up at 8:40 am on SUNDAY with hammering. Seriously, wtf?

We made it to Sunset Villa only 10 minutes late, had a great lunch & visited my grandma.

Autumn leaves

Walking to a playground at SV

When I came home, I watched 28 Weeks Later. Really good! I loved the first one, & the second one was different, but still great =). Then I watched last week's ANTM with my mom. Why didn't Marjorie go home??? If designers don't want to book her, then what can she do as a model? Elina (is that how you spell it? lol) on the other hand has an amazing face & confidence, which will make her far more successful in the modelling industry. Oh well, the judges know best... right?

I have German homework to do but I'll put up today's outfit in a bit...

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