January 12, 2009


I just commented on Moe's blog & my security word was MANTATI. I almost died hahaha

Today I just had an hour of German class, which went by really fast (thank god). After that my friend Matea & I went to Urbana to get our London Fogs & talk. For an hour and a half hahaha. Right before we left, this homeless guy came in & started putting pieces of paper asking for change on every table, so the woman working was yelling at his to get out. SO AWKWARD. And, as he's leaving, Matea says "That's a pretty nice coat for a homeless guy." Quote of the week right there hahaha

When I got home I studied Economics. I got through all the lectures and homework and now I'm caught up! I feel so relieved :). And I actually understood everything :D. I still have a lot of readings to get done... oh well, at least today was a start.

I can't wait for Friday. Daniela from work is sleeping over & then we work together Saturday & then we're meeting up with a bunch of coworkers (new & old, some wanted & some not :P) for drinks. We'll see how that goes...


Morena said...

some wanted and some not, uhh huhhhh. drmamammaa.

TARA said...

Yeah & they know I don't like them hahaha

Last time I was STARED at... A LOT... while taking tequila shots (my assistant manager at the time ordered for me when I was 18 HAHA)