December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008 - Part 1

This past year has been crazy!!! I managed to get into my program at uni, met the band I've loved since 2006 and saw them 4 times, and I travelled a lot :D. Here's my year in pictures:

I entered a Tokio Hotel meet & greet contest & won =D

On February 10th, I got to meet with Tokio Hotel, who I've loved since 2006. It was a great experience & I made the band laugh hehe =)

I got something close to a smile from Gustav after I laughed at his joke hahaha

I was SO close!!! In the very middle of the very front. I was the first person to stand in front of the stage. So amazing :D, especially my funny moment with Tom hahahahaha

The next day, I saw Tokio Hotel on Much On Demand at Much Music. We didn't wait in the cold, so we got seats at the back.

Then during reading week I took a trip to New York City!!!

I got ready for the concerts in the Omni Berkshire hotel

We had a sweet ride waiting outside the lobby for us =P
On February 18th I saw Tokio Hotel at the Fillmore. We were at the back, dancing and singing like crazy after having some Grey Goose, but my sis took pictures (Bill was FIERCE hahaha)
The next day (Feb 19th) we waited in line for 6 hours. We ended up in the 2nd row but I couldn't see ANYTHING because of the crazy girls around me. Tobi helped me out after 3 songs & gave me some water. I got a pic of Jost though :)
Tuxy kept me company during the long nights of studying <3When we came back to Toronto I saw Matchbox Twenty with my mom & sister

On May 16th I saw Tokio Hotel again, this time at the Sound Academy. I was at the back again, but managed to get this one shot of Tom

And after the concert I ran into Tahne from Holland, who I met at the February 10th show!!! Crazy because I didn't know she came for this one!!!

That summer I went to a lot of parties. I loved my gladiators <3

On May 26th I turned 19!!! Finally legal!I completed the requirements to enter the 2nd year of my program at school :)

Part 2 coming soon!

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