December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008 - Part 2

Ok, let's finish this up :P

While my mom was on a business trip, my sister & I went to Wolfstook downtown. I love this type of dog, but can never remember the name of the breed!

On Canada Day I went fishing with my mom & some people she knows through work. I caught the biggest fish that day!

After work I went to the park

I went to Montreal. This is me & my sister taking pics from the bed at the Omni Montroyal

At the end of August, I took a vacation with my family to the east coast of the States. We flew to Baltimore, then drove to Annapolis. There we stayed at The Westin for a couple of days. Really nice hotel, plus the manager was a friend of a friend hehe ;)

After Annapolis we drove to Ocean City & spent 5 days there. We went to a seafood buffet & found THAT.

We went to the beach and admired the sights =)

It was so hot & we all burned!

Perfect :)

We went parasailing over the bay (it was AWESOME), & then we went jetskiing (sadly no pictures) & I tipped it over 3 times lmao

Us 3 in the air

Then we drove back to Baltimore & stayed in a nice suite at The Hampton Inn across from Camden Yards

Me in front of the stadium where the Orioles play

View from outside

We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore (like we did in NYC & the 2 in Toronto & in Montreal haha)

While my mom was working, my sister & I visited the Baltimore Aquarium. We saw an 4D Movie (so cool!) & a dolphin show

The view from the plane on the ride home. It was so cloudy that day!

Me back in German class on the first day of 2nd year university :)

Overall, the past year has been amazing :D. To be able to meet Tokio Hotel & see them 4 times was awesome, after having liked them for so long & doing school projects on them HAHAHA. I met tons of new friends & also lost some close ones without any explanation, but that just made me stronger & made me realize I'm not dependant on a select few people for happiness :D. It was for the better anyway, because I really didn't like hanging out with them anymore.

So what awaits me in 2009??? Maybe some more Tokio Hotel trips? A trip to Europe? A new job? New friends? We'll see ;)

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