December 10, 2008


I totally forgot about the blog! hahaha I've been so busy finishing term projects & doing end-of-term tests and now exams & final papers :S. In one week everything will be complete and I can *hopefully* relax until school starts again in January. I had my 3 hour accounting exam this morning (9-12) and I think I did okay... I at least had the chance to fill in answers for every question, unlike the midterm where I left like 20% of the exam blank :/. So now I have to write an economics paper for Monday & then I have my Organizational Behaviour final exam on Wednesday, in a week. The rest of today will be lazy haha. A little break from reading my accounting textbook without breaks for the past 2 days.

I'm going to play a game on the laptop for a while now to pass the time until my sister gets home so we can play Little Big Planet on PS3. My mom always buys the fun stuff when I'm supposed to be studying :P

And where is Emma??? Mah blogbuddy has disappeared, maybe into mexico or maybe she's still stuck in texas hahaha

The cutest game I've ever played <3>


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